7 Stunning Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees!

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A Kanjivaram silk saree always takes the spotlight in any woman’s wardrobe. They go beyond their definition of being a soft silk saree. This fabric has transcended into a beautiful emotion among to-be brides. Even though it may feel like a day’s job to choose the perfect Kanchipuram saree, it becomes even more difficult to select matching silk saree blouse designs. Well, this blog is for those who want help choosing stunning blouse designs for silk sarees.

We have done the hard part of combing through various designs. Here we present some pattu saree blouse designs that are bound to make you look splendid.

1 - Zardosi Blouse design

If you are not the one that likes simple designs, then try the heavy Zardosi design. It’s a perfect match for someone who wants grandeur and does not hesitate to put on some bright colors and handiworks! This design promises the extra punch of vibrant colors and heavy embroidered work that you are looking for.

2 - Simple & Plain Blouse design

When your saree is already full of grandiose, it is best to play it light with the blouse design. You must choose plain blouse designs for pattu to match it perfectly with the printed silk saree. The idea is not to overpower the design of the pattu saree. 

3 - Contrast with Minimal embellishments

The best thing to put your bridal sarees in the forefront is to add contrast into the mix. When the blouse color opposes the saree’s color, it accentuates the saree and puts it in the spotlight. The minimalistic designs on the blouse will complete the look.

4 - Pattu sarees blouse designs with mirror works

Well, if you want to add a modern twist to your Kanjivaram Silk Saree, then nothing tops the mirror work and hand embroidery on the blouse. The mirror work gleams while the intricate embroidery gives a touch of elegancy to the look.

5 - Maggam work blouse designs

Maggam work is one of the most sought out designs in recent times. If you are someone who wants to stay in line with the trend, then this is the one for you! The heavy embroidery work with symmetrical motifs is definitely a treat for the eyes!

6 - Contrasting blouse with bordered sleeves

You can get the best collection of soft silk sarees online on Lakshaya Silk Sarees. However, if none of the blouse designs satisfy you, then go for a contrasting blouse with elegant borders at the sleeves. It is very traditional looking and also adds a touch of pure simplicity. 

7 - Velvet blouse designs with Zardosi embroidery

It can be puzzling how two different fabrics come together. But, pairing a velvet blouse with the silk saree can make you look stunning. The glossiness of the blouse will merge perfectly with the shine of the Kanchipuram silk saree.

Lakshaya Silk Sarees is the best place where you can explore wedding silk sarees below 10000, then try out some of the silk saree simple blouse designs that we have curated here for you. 

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