Characteristics Of Traditional Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

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Royal Kanchipuram silk sarees never go out of fashion and never fail to enchant us with their array of shades, patterns, and motifs. Traditional Kanjivaram silk sarees necessitate a time-consuming weaving method that can take several days on the handloom. Every Kanchipuram silk saree offers a tale about the weaver's creativity, including temple sculptures, Hindu mythology, and famous animals!

What Distinguishes Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees From The Rest?

Kanchipuram silk sarees are crafted of one-of-a-kind genuine mulberry silk threads that scream magic with every touch. If you've ever wondered why traditional Kanchipuram sarees are heavier than other silk sarees, this is the reason. The yarn is made by intertwining 3 to 4 strands of mulberry silk thread, which is subsequently woven into Kanchipuram silk sarees. This lends these gorgeous sarees the moniker 'Murukku Pattu,' making it an excellent and long-lasting family heirloom passed down intact through generations.

Traditional Kanchipuram Saree Adept Techniques:

Another reason to celebrate is that genuine Kanjivaram silk sarees are only produced on handloom weaving, and The Lakshaya silk saree enthusiastically supports and encourages local handloom craftsmen. The distinct core and border colour is woven using an ancient technique known as 'Korvai,' which distinguishes original Kanchipuram sarees from other ethnic wear. A saree is normally woven with one shuttle, but two threads are introduced into the weave to produce the saree's dramatic contrast border and pallu. Another skilful technique known as 'Petni' is utilised to mix two colours running the length of the saree, specifically the pallu and the core warp.

How To Determine The Quality Of Kanjivaram Silk Sarees:

Indeed, silk sarees' rich history and accomplishments make them appealing, fascinating, and impulsive to buy! However, before you buy, search for the following signs that they are authentic Kanchivaram silk sarees.

Label Silk Mark:

The Silk Board of India authenticates each Kanjivaram silk saree with a unique Silk Seal number and hologram, which is required while purchasing this timeless artwork. Each silk saree from The Lakshaya silk saree bears the silk mark!

The Silk Burn Test: 

Silk threads are removed from the sarees and burnt in the Silk Burn Test. You have an authentic Kanchipuram silk saree if burning produces a heap of dust that smells like burnt hair. If the silk is of poor quality, the threads maintain a sticky feel when burned.

Zari In Silver And Gold:

The zari used in classic Kanchipuram silks is of the best quality, with genuine silver and gold zari strands, making a pure Kanchi bridal saree a good purchase. This also renders a transparent handloom traditional Kanchipuram saree a tiny bit thicker than other sarees, which adds to the saree's durability.

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