6 Kanchipuram Sarees You Must Try!

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The sight of a Kanjivaram silk saree puts a distinctive smile on a woman’s face. Its border designs and handiwork is pretty much unique to Kanchipuram weavers. Apart from the beauty of its weave, the variety of these sarees is another reason to get them. If you want to buy the latest Kanchipuram silk sarees, head to Lakshaya Silk Sarees. But first, this blog highlights 6 Kanchipuram Sarees you must try!

You may want to add a new Kanjivaram saree to your wardrobe. But, you may not know what designs to try. Here are some great ideas for you!

1 - Plain Kanchipuram Saree with a Gold border


This saree has a single color with a contrasting gold zari. The borders join the body of the saree in zigzag edges. You can prefer this variety to showcase elegance and simplicity. This Kanjivaram saree design is no less than a wonder, even with its basic color palette!

2 - Contemporary Kanchipuram Sarees


If you want to try something other than traditional Kanchipuram saree designs, this is for you. Many modern designs are available that fit the trend.

These sarees have designs inspired by the modern world. It goes beyond the traditional motifs that will give you a cool look!

3 - Traditional Sarees


Nothing beats the natural beauty of traditional bridal sarees. A wedding is never complete without this variety. You will find an intricate temple, swan, and deer motifs weaved into the saree. Traditional sarees are the epitome of elegance and grandeur. The royal color palette and the beautiful landscape of designs make it the best out of all!

4 - Sarees with Temple Borders


Temple border sarees are still one of the most loved designs. The edge of the sarees is decorated with a zigzag or triangular design. This border gets the name because it is in the form of a temple. You will surely love the traditional vibe the saree gives you.

5 - Floral weave sarees


The sarees body is adorned with intricate floral designs. It might vary from big patches of floral motifs to dotted designs. If you want something to feel light on you, this design is the best. You can pair it with an equally intricately designed blouse to complete the look.

6 - Pure golden saree


The brilliant hue of gold makes you glisten! You might want to take a close look at the saree. Otherwise, you will miss the beautiful artwork. The saree becomes more attractive when paired with a blouse of a lighter shade. This design is elegant and has a toned-down vibe to it.

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