How To Preserve Your Handloom Sarees For Ages?

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Whenever you buy a new handloom silk sarees online, it is not just a mere financial transaction but an emotional one. Kanchipuram sarees have become a prized heirloom in every South Indian family. The craftsmanship in those sarees is enough to transform you into a queen with no effort! So, every woman would want to keep their saree in its purest form for ages. This blog will show you how to preserve your handloom sarees.

Kanjivaram sarees need proper attention and care. They cannot be handled like yet another piece of fabric in your wardrobe. These sarees are more prone to wear & tear, stains, and color fading. Here are some tips to keep them as good as new!

1 - Precautions for washing handloom sarees

As mentioned earlier, Kanchipuram silk sarees require special care to preserve their beauty. So, follow these steps for washing:

  • Soak the saree in saltwater for some time before you wash it with soap. Ensure you don’t do longer than needed. Otherwise, it will lead to discoloration.
  • Rinse the saree a couple of times before washing it with a detergent.
  • You will need a mild detergent. Bleach, dyes, and stain removers are not suggested because they can be harsh on the fabric.
  • Wash the soap quickly off the saree since they might form an unsightly patch if they stay on too long.
  • Never use hot water as they are not friendly on the fabric.
  • Don’t bundle up the saree because it will lead to creases.
  • It is best not to wash your bridal sarees collection in the washing machine.

2 - Removing stains

Nobody would like to have ugly spots on their priceless Kanchipuram handwoven sarees. So, if there’s a stain that’s too hard to remove, try some of these tips:

  • It is inevitable for a woman to get oily stains on her saree from cooking or serving food. If you face a similar situation, then put some talcum powder on the stain and let it absorb all the oil. Wait for some time and wash it off.
  • If the stain is from gravy or any other beverages, you need to dip cotton in petrol to clean the stain.

3 - Drying the saree

The first thing to know before you dry the saree is patience. Yes! Give it some time for the saree to properly air out. Follow these steps while drying your Kanjivaram saree:

  • Don’t expose the fabric to direct sunlight to avoid discoloration
  • Do not wring the saree in an attempt to squeeze water out of it. Otherwise, you will be stuck with permanent creases.
  • Put the saree to dry on a clean, flat surface. Never spread the saree on painted walls, fences, or window sills to prevent stains.

4 - How to keep silk sarees in the cupboard?

Wrap the sarees in a dry muslin cloth to keep moisture at bay. Hang the saree vertically, but refrain from using metal hangers as it may cause stains. It is best to keep silk sarees away from daily wear to prevent any unwanted spots or dirt.

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