Saree Styling Tips For The Perfect Corporate Look

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As women started to enter the corporate world, the fashion choices transformed to fit the working women's formal appeal. During the initial days, women focused on wearing sarees that were not too extravagant in the office space. Comfort and style were not even on their minds. This blog will share some interesting Kanjivaram silk saree styling tips for the perfect corporate look.

Why should a woman explore different styles? It is now ingrained in every woman’s mind to appear elegant and be bold at the same time. This preference is reflected in the latest designs and the mindset to have a formal saree look for the office.

1 - Choose the right saree type

It may be effortless to find a saree for a social gathering. However, selecting a saree that isn’t too out of place in an office is difficult. You shouldn’t wear anything flashy. If the decision isn't right, your personality can take a hit. But, it’s straightforward to find the right saree.

You can wear handloom cotton, raw silk, linen, tussar, and khadi sarees. Traditional weaves can enhance your look, whether it has a print or solid colors. If you want to go for printed sarees, choose small ones. However, it all depends on the style and patterns of the saree.

2 - Pick the right color

Color is an integral part of office wear. Intense colors may not be suitable in a corporate setting. So, it is best to go with soft pastel and earthy colors. Plain shades with a bold print can make you look stylish and elegant at the same time. 

3 - Pair the fitting blouse

Apart from colors, there are other things at play too. You should pair a fitting blouse with the saree to accentuate your look. Getting this right can go a long way in improving your style. Avoid trendy cuts or designs on the blouse. You should select designs that make you appear elegant and soft. 

The best choice would be a collar neck, boat neck, or V-neck. Ensure that you do not have deep necks to stay within the realm of a corporate saree look. Another thing you can do is wear the same color blouse as your saree or even try contrasting shades.

4 - Picking the right accessories

Your professional saree look is not complete without proper accessories. Think of this as the frosting on the cake. Since it's office wear, you must think twice before deciding. If you are going for a heavy necklace, go light on bangles. Pearls work wonders with your attire, especially if it’s silk. Tie your watch to finish your formal professional look in a saree.

5 - Hairstyle & Make-up 

This feature is the essential part of your office look. Do not go overboard with the look. Try some modest hairstyle that has a toned-down vibe. You can braid your hair or put on a high bun hairstyle. It would be professional and make you look pleasing.

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