How To Accessorize Your Kanchipuram Silk Saree?

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An iconic saree that holds a permanent space in a woman’s wardrobe is a Kanjivaram silk saree. There is no end to the glory that this saree can bring for you. This weave is no doubt the talking point in any wedding. We can go on to narrate the splendor of this garment. But, wouldn’t you be surprised if we say you can look more beautiful with the attire? Yes! In this post, we will show how to accessorize your Kanchipuram silk saree. 

You can add simple things to accentuate your style and look. Here’s how you can do that!

1 - Blouse

A blouse may not look like something with power in isolation. But, when you pair the right set with your saree, then your look will transform. Try to choose a blouse that does not have ornate designs. Well, don’t hesitate to have one if you are the bride. Otherwise, an elegant blouse design would go well with your Kanchipuram saree.

Nowadays, women wear elbow-length blouses with detailed borders on their Kanchipuram silk saree. There is also another blouse style you can try. Get some blouses with an illusion back with a simple motif on it and some soft silk sarees online at Lakshaya Silk Sarees. You can make a huge difference by switching up the sleeves and the neck patterns. 

2 - Necklace

Well, it goes without saying that a necklace is what you would buy after purchasing beautiful bridal sarees. This accessory will enhance the way you look. It adds a royal flair and makes you look graceful. Many women are now preferring traditional jewels and it is guaranteed that the love for antiques will not fade away any time soon! Hence, you can try the customary Kaasu Malai or the Mango Mala.

3 - Kajal & Bindi

Something as small as a bindi can transform the way you look. This element on the forehead can give a traditional feel to the woman. In addition to this, you can complete the look with Kajal lining your eyes. Your happiness will shoot through the roof once you see yourself in the mirror! Isn’t it unbelievable that a tiny bindi and some Kajal can entirely change your appearance to a whole new level?

4 - Strands of Jasmine flowers

In the line of simple accessories, here’s another! Adorn a few strands of Jasmine flower (Malli Poo) on your braid. You can bring in your creativity in the way you style them to look great on you. Try decorating your hair bun with Jasmine flowers or let them fall freely on one side of your shoulder. It will instantly give a soft vibe and improve the overall elegance of your appearance.

5 - Jhumkas 

There might be numerous other accessories to enhance the look of your Kanchipuram saree. But, nothing has the power to take on Jhumkas. They supplement the beauty of the saree in a way no other elements can do. Therefore, the next time you visit a jewelry store, pick up a beautiful gold Jhumka with an intricately carved temple motif.

Shop for wedding silk sarees below 10000 on Lakshaya Silk Sarees. Try out some of these tips to accentuate your look.

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