How To Maintain Your Kancheepuram Silk Saree?

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A Kancheepuram silk saree is the heart and soul of any special occasion in Tamil Nadu. However, this textile wonder has transcended boundaries and is popular across the world. Most people prefer to buy silk sarees online because they can browse through endless designs within a short time. Buying it is an elaborate process and keeping it safe is another. Since the value of these sarees is high, people need to take care of them properly. This blog will show how to maintain your Kancheepuram silk saree so that they last for a lifetime!

1 - Folding the saree properly 

The zari is always the central piece in many Kancheepuram sarees. If you do not fold the saree the right way, it can damage the zari. So, the best thing would be to fold the zari inwards so that the shine is not lost. Also, ensure that there are not too many wrinkles while you fold as it would affect the Kanjivaram saree look.

2 - The right way to store

Kancheepuram sarees are never meant to be stored along with cotton and other sarees. You must wrap the bridal sarees with a muslin cloth and set them aside from the rest. This step is very crucial to maintaining the Kancheepuram silk sarees for a long time. Ensure that you do not use plastic. Always prefer muslin cloth to wrap the saree. 

3 - Let it air out

Once you are back from a big occasion, air your saree before placing it back into the wardrobe. A trick to increase its life is to change the border of the zari every three months. So, put out your Kanjivaram silk saree to air out within your room itself. Let this become a habit every two or three months to maintain its quality. 

4 - Color fading

Assume you bought a vibrant orange color silk saree and it lost its sheen within months. You wonder what went wrong. It is because of improper storage. Never put your sarees out in the open where sunlight can reach them. Keep the saree in a dark and dry place. It will protect the natural color of the sarees. So, you may not have to worry about your sarees becoming a faint shade of the original color you initially bought at the store.

5 - Washing 

You cannot just put your Kanjivaram silk saree inside the washing machine and be done with it. Getting great deals on your Kanchi pattu sarees online shopping does no good if you do not take good care of it. Ensure that you follow these tips while washing Kancheepuram silk sarees:

  • Wash with cold water for the first three times
  • Never use harsh detergents 
  • After the third wash, use shampoo
  • Separately wash the saree, pallu, and border with soft hands

6 - Do not wring the saree

If you wring the saree to get rid of the moisture after wash, then the saree will cause permanent wrinkles on the saree. Roll it in a dry cloth to soak up the moisture.

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