6 Trending Pattu Saree Colour Combinations You Should Not Miss!

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There is no denying the fact that every woman wants to look good at a social gathering. Sometimes, you can never take your eyes off someone’s Kanjivaram silk saree because of the vibrant colors and patterns. You would want to have the same—or something better than that for you. So, you head over to your favorite textile store. The moment you step inside, there are endless pattu saree colors that you get confused about what’s best to buy. This blog post will share 6 trending pattu saree color combinations you shouldn’t miss!

1 - Sea blue and yellow

There are times where you might be a little off to wearing sarees with elaborate zari. Not all occasions need something so grand unless you are shopping for Bridal sarees. So, the best option is to choose a pleasing color instead of a zari. You need to pick a color that can be vibrant without the need for intricate zari work. So, you need a unique colour saree like sea blue and yellow with a pink hue. Match the saree with an embroidery blouse without having a lot of zari in it.

2 - Parrot green and peach

If you want to add something unique to your color palette, parrot green with peach is a great option for you. This saree colour combination will certainly make you the center of attraction. Parrot green and peach together give you a vibrant and velvety look. 

3 - Purple & Green

Dark shades of green are always preferred and are definitely in the top five in pattu saree colors. But, you might want to try something different without having to let go of your love for green. A simple solution would be to add purple into the mix. The green, when paired with a purple blouse will accentuate your beauty to a large extent. So ensure that you remember this combination the next time you shop for soft silk sarees online.

4 - Glittery gold with dark color elements

Gold color is the favorite wedding saree colour combination of every woman. This color gives a royal feel yet stays very modest. Isn’t that the sweet spot you want? There is a way to make your gold saree even more beautiful. You can punctuate the saree with dark colors through stonework, blouse, or even use jewels to match the feel of the saree. Keep this in mind while you search for Kanjeevaram silk sarees online on Lakshaya Silk Sarees website.

5 - Dark blue & red

If you prefer vibrant colors, this one is for you. Pairing dark blue and red can definitely make heads turn for you in a wedding ceremony. Both colors complement each other and give a strong visual appeal better than any color combination. Make sure to get at least one saree in this color.

6 - Standard pink & gold

Not everybody would look for vibrant or sharp colors. Some would side with simplicity. If you are one such person, a soft pink and gold saree is the perfect match for you. Add some antique jewelry to the set and see how beautiful just a simple color can get! 

Lakshaya Silk Sarees has every color combination you dream of! Be it simple ones or vibrant, eye-catching colors—we have everything. Get the best wedding silk sarees below 10000 today!

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