Must-try Kanjivaram Silk Saree styles!

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It is not a surprise that people think of grandeur when they see a Kanjivaram Silk Saree. The intricate weaving, the craftsmanship, and the level of detailing are unparalleled to other varieties of saree. Most of the time, middle-aged women choose to wear Kanjivaram silk sarees during special occasions. Therefore, it may seem like the sarees are only reserved for them. Maybe this is the reason why many young females shy away from Kancheepuram sarees thinking it is old-fashioned. That is not the case anymore. Here are some must-try Kanjivaram Silk Saree styles to achieve the sweet spot between a modern and traditional look.

1 - Semi-draped Kanjivaram Sarees

Wearing a saree can take a lot of time. Even after you think you’ve got everything right, you would spend some more time just for adjustments. We know you don’t want that when there is a special occasion to attend. So, try semi-draped sarees that have all the pleats in the exact position. All you need to do is wear the sarees and be off to the wedding! This saree is the best thing that can happen to a modern woman who wants style but also save time. You can shop for semi-draped soft silk sarees online and add elegance to your look.

2 - Wear Kancheepuram saree in a lehenga-style

If you cannot decide between an exquisite lehenga and an elegant Kanchipuram saree, we have got a solution for you. Why not try both of them? It is a beautiful cross between a modern and a classical masterpiece. Wear the lehenga saree over a petticoat. You can tuck the saree in the petticoat and drape it without having to form pleats. If you are looking for something better, try to get some lehenga with tiered pleats during your Kanchi pattu sarees online shopping time.

3 - Try modern blouse designs

It is a practice to wear a half-sleeve blouse that has the same color as the saree’s border. Well, that is traditional and there is nothing wrong with it. However, if you are looking for something on the modern side, then you need to switch things up a bit. Try a contemporary blouse with vibrant colors. Wear a full-sleeved blouse that has artistic designs and royal embroidery. All these elements will certainly enhance the overall grandeur of the attire. Get creative with the blouse styles and keep experimenting until you get the look you wanted. 

4 - Draping styles

There are endless draping possibilities and all you need to do is try them. For starters, pleat the pallu and pin them together. Then take the pallu on the backside and bring it to the front. Finish draping by tucking it near the belly.

If the bridal sarees that you are shopping for have a big pallu, then you are in for a treat! Try the Gujarati style of draping. Bring the pallu from the back to your right side. Let the pallu flare out while you pin it on the bottom towards the left side of your belly. Don’t let these two styles stop you from exploring more. 

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